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Riyo gems India is a leading wholesale Silver jewellry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter from Jaipur India. We have been working with utmost confidence towards our customers for the last 30 years. Our customers are our key elements for our success. Riyo gems have a wide range of Jewelry collections. We specialize in custom Silver jewelry designs. We specialize in providing the best and unique design to our customers. Our customers highly recommend Riyo Gems jewels for our stable and quality service. Riyo gems, we are committed to satisfy our customers and meet their needs. You can also customize your jewelry according to your needs. We understand your thoughts and needs and turn these ideas into jewellery pieces. Our support team will help you with your order from start to finish. We are a Jaipur-based Manufacturing company that is passionate about their work and the services we provide. At Riyo gems, as your Silver jewellry manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, we always try to meet customer demand and expectations. We put our hard work and knowledge into becoming a leading 925 Silver jewellery manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Our top priority is quality, timely delivery, and wholesale prices. Riyo gems have a professional team in its manufacturing factory, who works hard to give their customers exactly what they want from us.



Silver jewelry:-

There are two types of jewelry. One is fine jewellry and the other is fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is also known as costume jewellery. Fashion jewellry is usually made of base metals and imitation stones. We are working with precious metals like silver jewelry. Our Silver jewellery displays unique and latest designs that are boundless and timeless. The most important factor of this jewelry is that this jewelry is inexpensive, unique, and can be worn for many years. As a wholesale Silver jewelry manufacturer, we put all our efforts into manufacturing handmade jewelry, we also put our effort into closely understanding the piece of jewelry. Nowadays everyone adores themselves with jewelry. Whether it is jewellry, gold jewellery or Silver jewelry. We provide the best quality sterling Silver jewelry in the world as we have the best Best silver jewelry factories in Jaipur, India. You can contact us to buy fine jewelry pieces. Jewelry should match every outfit we wear. Jewellery should be designed with the utmost care and handling. In addition to fashion jewellery, the jewelry we make includes silver jewelry, diamond jewelry and precious gems. Nowadays, light jewelry is very popular among the people as it looks beautiful and delegated to everyone. The popularity of metal-embedded jewelry is also increasing. You can contact us to make any kind of jewelry. The Silver Jewelry Collection we have:- We are the leading 925 Silver jewelry manufacturer Jaipur India. We have a professional team of manufacturing companies specializing in manufacturing any type of design. Our designs are unique and in line with the latest trend. Riyo gems provide you with an easy option to purchase any design from anywhere through our Website Riyogems.com. As a 925 sterling jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, our sole objective is to provide the best quality jewelry to the customers and meet their demands. We provide wholesale Personalized jewelry at wholesale prices worldwide.

Our collections in Silver jewellery: –

(1) Silver Rings:-

Riyo Gems are the best 925 Sterling Ring manufacturer. Silver rings are the choice of every woman. Our Silver rings collections are always styled and on-trend. Buy Silver rings from Riyo Gems and keep your style statement in front of everyone.


 (2) Silver Earrings:-

Riyo Gems are the best Silver Earring manufacturer. Earrings can match with any outfit. Therefore earrings are always the center of attention of all. At Riyo Gems, we offer you unique and fashionable designs of earrings that make you unique among the crowd. We are the best wholesale Silver jewellery supplier. We regularly updated our collection according to the latest trend. In earrings, we also have silver earrings, and diamond earrings. You can also give them to your beloved. Earrings are the perfect gift material because they have a charm that can attract anyone.


(3) Silver Bracelets:-

Riyo Gems are the best 925 Sterling Silver bracelets manufacturer. bracelets are made from the best quality materials. Our bracelets are an ideal and unique choice for everyone. bracelets add charm to everyone’s personality. Riyo Gems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Best Silver jewelry suppliers in the country which produces different designs of different types of bracelets.

(4) Silver Necklace & Pendants:-

Riyo Gems are the best necklaces and pendants manufacturer.