Amethyst Stone 925 Silver Jewllery


Amethyst gemstone bears a naturally beautiful bright purple color. As a matter of fact, Amethyst comes in different shades of purple color. Its color range starts from light mauve to lavender to deep purple which are all beautiful colors. Due to its brightness and beautiful color, Amethyst gemstone is used prominently in crafting beautiful designs of jewelry. There are exclusive designs available with some reputed jewellers such as Riyo Gems, Jaipur. Exclusive designs of Amethyst gemstone jewelry such as Ring, Earring, pendants, bracelets are available with Riyo Gems.



Riyo Gems Jewelry is the leading jewelry manufacturer exporters of high - fashion jewelry pieces. The Company has been operating in the country since a Many Time. We have our office based in Jaipur in Rajasthan of India. We have put tremendous endless efforts in making our Company a Brand across the world. As is evident from our high quality gemstone products, we make our products precisely. We bring out the excellence and the best creativity in designs. We take pride to mention that we excel in all kinds of jewelry manufacturing. When we talk about fashion jewelry, we are popular as outstanding Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer and and semi-precious gemstones jewelry manufacturer.

Our team of expert people is always on the move to explore more and more and keep updated on the latest trends in fashion. Customer satisfaction, Customer Service, and Quality product have been our major objectives throughout all these years. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive.



Riyo Gems Jewellery keep ourselves fully updated pertaining to the latest designs as well as the latest demands of the customers globally. Our company keeps modifying with the changing times in compliance with the changing demands. Customised jewelry is also made by our company according to the demand and designs as per the requirement of the customers.



If Amethyst jewelry is kept directly in sunlight and heat, the color of Amethyst tends to diminish. Besides, chemicals such as sprays, hairsprays, household cleaners also diminish the brightness of the stone. The best way to clean Amethsyt gemstone jewelry is to use a toothbrush with soft bristles or soft cloth with luke warm water and mild soap mixed together.


Amethyst Jewelry Manufacturer In India:

Riyo Gems is among the top amethyst jewelry manufacturers in India. A well-known name for amethyst jewelry the company offers more than 2500 varieties of amethyst set ornaments for everyone.A jewelry manufacturer for amethyst makes sure you get all these varieties Ring, Earring, Pendant And Necklace under one roof.

A known Amethyst jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur India, Riyo Gems Jewellery provides amethyst jewels. A custom facility is also offered by the firm if you have any special requests for your ensemble. With their master craftsmen, the company ensures you get your desired designs.


Wholesale Amethyst Jewelry Store In India

Everybody is talking about amethyst jewelry these days. but also very attractive which makes it one of the compulsory pieces to have so that you can look at your best during your special occasion. Yes, this is the reason why people from all corners are always in search of amethyst rings, earrings, neckpiece, and more.

Catching The Energetic Vibe With Amethyst
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Amethyst Jewelry Wholesaler In Jaipur india

These days, amethyst jewelry is certainly high in trend. Yes, there are a number of people always looking for this beautiful piece is All Around The World. Not only it looks good but also has a lot of benefits as well if you are looking forward to having this in your cart then, you have landed yourself in the right page. We are here to help you with the best of a collection which will certainly make your occasional or tomorrow special if you don't beautiful amethyst necklace earring. If you just need to make sure that you reach out to us at the quickest so that you get the best of stock for yourself.

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Today amethyst is worn for its positive energy through its frequency. It also balances the body chakras. Due to its immense benefits amethyst is used widely as jewelry. The vibrant properties of the stones compiled with its purple hues often stand out among jewelry pieces next to diamonds. When compiled with gold or silver the stone sparkles and can be used in a variety of accessories ranging from heavily crafted ethnic wear to casual ensemble. The amethyst jewelry requires intricate craftsmanship to be made into jewels at the same time highlighting the stone’s natural properties. RIYO GEMS Jewellery is a well-known amethyst jewelry wholesaler and Manufacturing in Jaipur India who provides extensive varieties of amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst Jewelry Exporter In Jaipur India

The beautiful amethyst in its bright purple color is sought by all the jewelry lovers. With divine properties and purifying nature, amethyst is known to have immense benefits. They are known to remove all the negative thoughts of the body. Among the many benefits associated with amethyst, a few include improvement of brainpower, chakra balance, and treating ailments related to stomach, heart, and skin. Apart from healing physical aspects of the body it also heals the energy.

The amethyst jewelry exporter in India, RIYO GEMS Jewellery offers extensive designs of amethyst. Their handmade intricate pieces are available in silver and gold. One can also customize their designs from their designers who can offer services ranging from designs, prototype making, etc. Different quantities of orders can also be shipped to any location desired. A custom order based on your preferences can be easily placed from their site. If you are in Jaipur, you should surely visit their store that offers different high-end services that are one of a kind in the jewelry stores in Jaipur.

Amethyst jewelry is getting into Trend and there are people from all corners of the world looking for it. You just need to find the right company to have the best collection beside you which can help you have a great celebration of the time.


Amethyst Jewelry Factory In Jaipur India

Amethyst as an accessory has been popular since ancient times. The stone offers a rich history along with its bright physical properties. Greek legends are associated with amethyst and its purifying effect on toxic ideas and thoughts, thus adorning the jewel is believed to eliminate these negative thoughts at the same time bring a positive change in an individual through the vibrations given out by amethyst. As a gemstone amethyst was very popular among royals and kings as the purple color of the amethyst is known to be associated with the royal class of the society.

Considered as a gem color for the royals, intricate craftsmanship was also involved in developing the ancient amethyst set jewels. Today however amethyst is worn by many for its healing advantages and also as a fashion statement. However, what enhances an amethyst incorporated jewel is the craftsmanship associated with it. Amethyst jewelry by RIYO GEMS Jewellery is known for its unique designs, use of versatile materials, and the quality of the amethyst. The known amethyst jewelry factory in India has a wide range of amethyst set pieces ranging from rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more. These ensembles can be worn for special occasions to enhance your ethnic look or can be adorned as daily wear. If your birthstone is amethyst the Riyo Gems Jewellery has a vast collection of designs that can be customized according to your preference and an amethyst crystal can be set in them.

While all these customizations require a well-established setup, RIYO GEMS Jewellery is a prominent amethyst jewelry factory in Jaipur India. They offer a personalized service to every client and provide shipping facilities all over the world. The firm provides these intricate pieces at affordable ranges and also offer design and manufacturing facility for test pieces thus making them a standout among competitors.